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The Untold Truth Of The Late Beth Chapman


The Untold Truth Of The Late Beth Chapman


Beth Chapman, star of Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman, was one of reality TV’s most memorable faces, charming millions with her bleach blonde hair and no-nonsense attitude. But interest in the bondswoman spiked following a cancer diagnosis in September 2017. Her spirit and story proved to be an inspiration.

It might sound like a made up story, but Beth Chapman met her future husband all thanks to a lemon.

Here’s what happened: In 1988, a 19-year-old Beth accidentally shoplifted the fruit while grocery shopping.

As Duane Chapman shared in his 2007 autobiography,

“She was standing on line at the grocery store waiting to pay for the lemon when she received a page on her beeper from her boss…This was before cell phones, so she got out of line to use the pay phone, still holding the lemon. Store security nabbed her on the spot for shoplifting.”

The incident wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Beth was also caught with her boyfriend’s unregistered, unlicensed gun, which Duane claimed she’d taken for safety reasons. Making things even worse, Beth was found to have a warrant out for her arrest due to unpaid parking tickets. So she went to jail, where she met Duane, her bail bondsman, and future husband.

Though the bounty hunter was married at the time, Beth later said she felt they’d be together one day. Duane joked in his memoir,

“Beth loves to tell people that the minute she laid eyes on me in the office that day, she knew I would be her man.”

Despite their chemistry, the couple’s romance didn’t blossom immediately. Both Beth and Duane spent time married to other people, occasionally stepping out with each other over the years in an off-and-on relationship. They finally ended up making things official with a televised wedding ceremony in 2006.

Watch the video for more about the untold truth of the late Beth Chapman!

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Starting with a lemon | 0:22
It’s a small world after all | 1:42
Dangerous liaisons? | 2:49
The perks of fame, fortune, & fandom | 4:04
Batter up | 4:56
Facing cancer | 5:57
Standing up for herself | 7:17
A family feud? | 8:19
Experimental treatments | 9:41
Final days | 10:11

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