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The Clintons’ Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder


The Clintons’ Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder


Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage may seem weirder and weirder with time, but their intriguing approach to their relationship has certainly made them a force with which to be reckoned. Here are some strange things you probably didn’t know about this political power couple.

While Bill and Hillary Clinton have been at the forefront of American politics for decades, their marriage had a very humble beginning. After reportedly refusing Bill’s proposal three times, Hillary eventually said yes, and the two wed in the living room of their small Fayetteville, Arkansas house in front of 14 friends. According to The Guardian:

“[Bill] wore pinstripes and a wide 1970s tie. [Hillary] wore a $53 department store dress picked out by her mother. There was no engagement ring, no gift registry, no official photographer or party planner.”

Six months after the wedding, Bill decided to make a run for state attorney general, and the ambitious newlyweds reportedly got to work planning an election strategy at the dinner table, which they reportedly referred to as “the war room.” Watch the video for more about how the Clintons’ marriage just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

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Married in their living room | 0:13
House of Clintons | 0:50
The duck and the decoy | 1:24
Tammy Wynette was roaring mad | 2:23
Bill’s ‘co-president’ | 3:06
The Monica Lewinsky scandal | 3:59
More after Monica | 5:18
Close friends with the Trumps | 6:00
Bill and Hill on Broadway | 6:49
Still battling Monica Lewinsky | 7:45
Their speaking tour bombed | 9:06

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