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Small Details To Note In Miley’s Mother’s Daughter Video


Small Details To Note In Miley’s Mother’s Daughter Video


Miley Cyrus’ music video for “Mother’s Daughter” seems like just another entry in her lengthy catalog of controversy, but there’s a lot more going on here. Small details in the not-safe-for-work video reveal that it’s much more of a call to action for progressive causes than just another attempt at shock value.

A number of provocative phrases pop up on screen throughout the video for “Mother’s Daughter.” Blink and you’ll miss them, but if you watch carefully you’ll notice that a theme begins to emerge. Slides that say things like “virginity is a social construct” and “not an object” send a clear message – a woman’s body is her own.

These slogans pay homage to activist groups like Guerrilla Girls and Femen, who have used similar ideology. When he spoke to the Los Angeles Times, the video’s director Alexandre Moors said that he was inspired by women throughout history who put themselves in harm’s way to achieve the goal of gender equality. Moors told the Times,

“We wanted to make a tribute to the previous women who fought this battle, because you can imagine how hard it was for the women of the ’90s and ’80s, when it wasn’t even a subject people were bringing up. These women put their bodies on the front lines to fight for what is right, and I have a deep respect and fascination for them.”

Moors and Miley Cyrus clearly wanted their message to reach international audiences, too – one of the slogans that flashes up on screen is in French. Moors told the Times that it translates to “the flesh heroism” in English.

Watch the video for more about small details to note in Miley’s Mother’s Daughter video!

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The message | 0:17
Breaking down taboos | 1:23
Challenging gender stereotypes | 2:27
Promoting body positivity | 3:22
LGBTQ advocacy | 4:03
Miley Cyrus: Warrior Princess | 5:18
Amazon Ashley is back | 6:08
The birth of a superhero | 6:55

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