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The Real Reason Miley And Liam Split After Marriage


The Real Reason Miley And Liam Split After Marriage


The on-again-off-again couple that’s generated relationship-related headlines for nearly a decade finally called it quits on their marriage that lasted less than a year. Was there an epic blowout, or is this just par for the course for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth? Here are a few reasons why we think they split.

In the May/June 2019 issue of GQ Australia, Hemsworth admitted that while he and Cyrus wanted, quote, “10, 15, maybe 20 kids” eventually, the newlyweds weren’t in a rush to breed a brood just yet.

Sources told Radar Online in July 2019 that the couple planned to rebuild their new home on the same plot of land as the Malibu mansion they shared before it burned down in the wildfires of 2018, and that they were intent on raising children there once everything settled down. However, shortly after the news of their split broke, an insider told the site,

“He wanted babies, and she just didn’t anymore.”

Watch the video for more about the real reason Miley and Liam split after marriage!

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Was there a conflict over kids? | 0:20
Most boring reason ever? | 1:01
Miley’s “open” ultimatum? | 1:54
Has Miley already moved on? | 2:57
Does Liam’s family dislike Miley? | 3:53

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