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10 Crazy Facts About PewDiePie You Didn’t Know


10 Crazy Facts About PewDiePie You Didn’t Know


10 of the craziest facts about PewDiePie’s life that you likely never knew

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PewDiePie might be a loud, sometimes-vulgar, always energetic gamer dude, but it’s been working for him pretty darn well so far. He is easily one of the world’s most famous gamers and has been breaking all kinds of YouTube records over the last few years.

Thanks to his ‘Let’s Play’ style videos, PewDiePie has created a seriously impressive online portfolio that’s made him a multi-millionaire, however, he’s also accrued some pretty funky stories along the way. We know he’s famous and we know he’s rich, so let’s find out a little more about what makes him so unique!

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