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Madonna’s Daughter Is An Absolute Bombshell


Madonna’s Daughter Is An Absolute Bombshell


She’s the eldest child of the Queen of Pop, but Lourdes Leon is by no means a princess. The daughter of Madonna and her former partner, actor Carlos Leon, the woman affectionately known as Lola has done everything she can to keep a low profile. And if you haven’t kept up with Madonna’s mini-me, you won’t believe what she looks like now.

Madonna and her daughter launched a joint fashion line in 2010, when Lourdes was just 13 years old. Aptly named Material Girl, the celebrity face of the ad campaign for the line, Kelly Osbourne, said via E! News,

“I’m really enjoying being the face of Material Girl. I love being part of a brand for girls and having the opportunity to work with Lola, who has an amazing fashion instinct.”

“I always thought she was great and everything, but now it’s even better ’cause we know each other more.”

One year after the Material Girl clothing line hit hangers at Macy’s, the duo launched a collection of body care products. A then 14-year-old Lourdes revealed the work it took to make it all happen, telling Teen Vogue,

“I had to smell hundreds and hundreds of different scents while smelling coffee beans in between. I had such massive headaches afterwards!”

Then, the brand became a headache for her mother, too. A California clothing company hit Madonna with a lawsuit, claiming it had previously trademarked the name Material Girl. But despite the legal trouble, Material Girl is still going strong.

Watch the video for more about how Madonna’s Daughter Is An Absolute Bombshell!

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A tween fashion designer | 0:21
Copying her mom | 1:20
A fashion “It girl” | 1:58
Has she found the one? | 2:37
She wants something different | 3:33

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