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The Hills’ Storylines That Turned Out To Be Totally Fake


The Hills’ Storylines That Turned Out To Be Totally Fake


When The Hills debuted on MTV in 2006, the show was framed as a real look at a group of friends who move to L.A. to chase their dreams. But seeing is not always believing. Now that 2019’s reboot The Hills: New Beginnings has made its drama-packed debut, it’s the perfect time to reveal the made-up storylines from the original.

One of the most infamous on-again-off-again relationships on The Hills was between Audrina Patridge and “Justin Bobby” Brescia. Patridge just couldn’t seem to quit giving Brescia chances, even when he gave her every reason to walk away for good.

But in 2015, Brescia told Complex,

“Were we like boyfriend girlfriend? No, we weren’t. We worked a lot, we had some moments, we spent a lot of time together.”

Basically, even now, Brescia refuses to admit that he had any sort of real relationship with Patridge.

But Brescia’s description of this supposedly on-off relationship fabricated for TV doesn’t completely match up with Audrina’s version of events. She told Entertainment Tonight in 2016 that as far as her relationship with Brescia goes…

Watch the video for more about The Hills’ storylines that turned out to be totally fake!

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Justin Bobby and Audrina’s “romance” | 0:23
Heidi Montag’s “career” at Bolthouse | 1:38
Heidi’s phony baby-making plot | 3:02
Justin Bobby’s ladies | 3:49
Lauren’s best friend’s crazy wedding | 5:03
The sham Paris gig | 6:02
Kristin Cavallari as the villain | 7:12
Brody and Lauren weren’t a thing | 8:19
Audrina never dated Spencer | 9:19
Lauren’s canceled cameo | 10:21
Spencer’s Jekyll and Hyde persona | 11:27

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