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Celebs Who Farted Live on TV Version Toot.0


Celebs Who Farted Live on TV Version Toot.0


We’re never not classy here at Nicki Swift. Once again, we’ve gone ahead and done the dirty work for you, tracking down several celebs who seemingly farted on live TV. You won’t be able to believe your eyes, or your ears. Let’s all hold our noses…and dive deep.

You’re really tempting fate with a name like Nancy Grace. While competing in a 2011 episode of Dancing with the Stars, the bombastic TV journalist may have succumbed to an on-air butt-blurt, and right on the heels of her highly publicized wardrobe malfunction the week before.

As you can hear for yourself, Grace offered up what might be her most noxious soundbite to date.

Watch the video for more about celebs who farted on live TV!

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Nancy Grace | 0:17
Ben Carson | 0:50
Max Kellerman | 1:55
Paul Pierce | 3:48
Joe Swash | 4:43
Leslie Nielsen | 6:14

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