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Scariest Shark Encounters While Diving


Scariest Shark Encounters While Diving


These are the 5 scariest shark encounters that divers ever encountered while scuba diving under the water, whether cage diving, or free diving, these up close moments would with the most dangerous things you could encounter in the sea.

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Despite these ocean-dwellers rarely causing any kind of serious trouble to humans, coming face to face with a shark – even when we’re locked inside a steel cage – is still enough to send us into a sheer state of panic and fright. With layers upon layers of piercing teeth, powerful wrecker bodies and an attitude that demands not to be messed with, you and I are clearly no match for any wild shark, particularly great whites. Saying that is one thing – experiencing it is another ordeal entirely – and these people, they’ve lived it. Divers have witnessed 18-foot sharks smash into their diving cages, even enter them, and world-class surfers have been reduced to tears after they’ve been inches away from becoming a great white’s dinner. So, who still wants to dive with sharks?

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